You are inside my heart

撇开奥运的战火,小憩一把看了一部很不错的片子Inside man》很简单的情节,银行抢劫案,让人无法捉摸的周密计划,聪明的团队首领(Clive Owen)(注意,他不是匪首,是个出色的团队领袖, why? 这是一个有着让人着迷的个人魅力的男人),卑微却不笨拙的警察(Denzel Washington),背景雄厚龌龊的老银行家,睿智的女公关(Jodie Foster)(没能找到一个很好的title, basically就是给大头们解决棘手的大问题),想抢什么,谁是罪犯,丢了什么,谁是bad guy leader is inside the reality, crimes are inside the hostiges, everyone is inside the truth, but no one can feel it.

一部让人思考的电影就是好电影,一个清楚地计划就是一个完美的计, 一个宛如没有高潮却时时都是高潮的故事就是真正的故事。


突然对sensitivity, sentimentality感兴趣,sensitivity is: Rapid perception with the senses, reacting to small changes. Reacting appropriately to the emotions or situation of other people, tactful. A person believed to have paranormal or parapsychological perception. To be easily hurt or upset; to not take things for granted. A person can be sensitive to tickling, most commonly on the bare feet. Pros and Cons, 各半, 就像人性一样

至于sentimentality, a very simple but classic way to explain: is simply one who desires to have an emotion without paying for it. <Oscar Wilde>



反正,就继续享受拥有的幸福吧, 尽管现实很短暂。


2 Responses to You are inside my heart

  1. William说道:

    Great Movie! Just think about these names, Judie Foster, Denzel Washington and Clive Owen.

  2. Inkstone说道:

    Yes, indeed we get along with such things quite often. But then we shift the discussion into solitude and lonely. Lonely, as per description from Psy today and wiki, is a negative emotion of constantly feel something is missing. Guess how we rescue ourselves from that pain? We initiate a solitude, which has been defined as "being alone without lonliness ", because sensitiveity enables us to recognize the threat of being lonely.
    See the process of consciousness, fragile people have more creativity during the dangerous situation. God protects those sensitive plus sentimental ones.


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